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Turn big data into intelligence and actionable insights

With every purchase or even the hint of a buy, your customers or clients reveal a lot about themselves. If you know how to interpret this precious data, you’ll discover what’s important to them, their priorities; and so, in turn, you can understand how valuable each customer segment is to your business. We do this interpretation on your behalf. We offer cloud-based marketing analytics solutions and services on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis, designed to improve your marketing campaign Key Performance indicators (KPIs) such as customer response or engagement rates. Our turn-key solutions allow organizations across verticals to increase revenue without increasing the marketing spend.

By realizing the need to enhance our client’s competitive readiness and success, we offer effective solutions to help them excel in their respective markets.

Gevin Analytics has an open source software based dynamic and flexible platform which caters to all your advanced analytics needs. We can drastically reduce your implementation time and can smoothly integrate with your Analytics IT landscape.


Oracle Business intelligence

Gevin has pre-built templates, reports, and dashboards that will help to accelerate implementation of Oracle BICS. We have developed the most popular reports including all relevant KPIs to support users in Human Resources, Finance, Procurement, Sales. Apart from these pre-built applications, Gevin will deploy Oracle BICS for any custom application of an organization adhering to our proven process and methodology.

Advanced Analytics

As the analytics market has become more crowded and highly specialized, our clients have continued to rely on our expertise. They recognize our unique ability to help them adapt to a consumer-driven marketplace, access insights from data in near real-time, and help inform customer-centric business decisions. In short, Gevin helps transform their organizations.

Big Data

Gevin, through big data consulting, enables organizations to conceptualize and drive a well-thought-out big data program across multiple domains and focus areas. Our big data services help companies achieve the twin objectives of revenue maximization and increased operational efficiency. Our big data solutions provide organizations with the right customer insights leading to newer revenue sources through cross sell and upsell, while helping them identify revenue leakages and fraud, thereby, driving profitability.

SAP Business Objects

Provide easy, self-service access to decision-ready information with our BI platform. Easily discover and share insights – and make better decisions- by relying on the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence (BI) platform. With flexible architecture, our analytics platform can support your growth from a few users to tens of thousands of users, and from a single tool to multiple tools and interfaces.


For Informatica, Data as a Service begins with data that you can rely on. Without trusted, relevant, and authoritative data, you can’t engage effectively with your customers and prospects. With customer experience and engagements, a top focus in all industries, ensuring that messages and products make it to their intended targets via postal mail, email, or phone is essential. Ensure high data quality by validating the accuracy of your contact data with Informatica, the leader in contact data verification.

Data Visualization

A good data visualization is all about telling a story – visually. It involves not only understanding the data itself, but why it is important to a user. Defining a context for the data is the first step in the design process, understanding what meaning it imparts to a user, what insights a user will derive from a clearer picture. Adding interactivity to a visualization requires a deeper understanding of why the story is important to the user and what questions and exploration the user may want to do because of their initial insights.

Why Gevin for Analytics?

  • A dedicated AnalyticsCenter of Excellence (CoE)
  • Successful engagements
  • Strong technology partnerships with multiple analytics software providers enables us to provide a technology agnostic solution
  • Pre-built templates and reporting frameworks helps us reduce time-to-market for new reports
  • An engagement model that guides you through the business change you need to undergo to implement analytics across your enterprise