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Your company is probably living in a complex world of point SaaS solutions brought in by various functional departments (HR, Finance, etc.) along with existing legacy on premise applications like ERP systems. The new technologies of PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) can help. Oracle PaaS is a toolkit that allows customers to extend and Integrate SaaS and On Premise applications. Gevin’s integration services is enabled by Oracle PaaS and derived from years of cross-industry experience and technology expertise.

A successful integration project can make your business more efficient, competitive, and profitable— but at what cost? Oracle has made integration a fully supported product, so you can quickly and cost effectively connect all your applications.


  • Providing full end-to-end integration services
  • Assessing and designing enterprise integration architecture
  • Developing solutions for data migration and consolidation
  • Maintaining integrations
  • applications and customizations
  • Implementing effective
  • scalable integration solutions for Cloud and hybrid systems
  • Delivering integration hosting services


  • Reducing operational costs through automated integrations
  • Increasing Business Process productivity
  • Creating the necessary agility to meet dynamic business needs
  • Having scalability to meet business growth
  • Having solutions developed and implemented in a timely manner
  • Utilizing existing systems and people more effectively
  • Maximizing user and customer satisfaction and increasing trust
  • Focusing IT resources on processes that make your company unique